Ableton Live Suite 9.7.2 یک استودیوی مجازی میباشد که تمامی ابزارها و ویژگی های استودیو آهنگسازی را در اختیار شما قرار می دهد Ableton Suite تمامی آنچه را که برای مدیریت یک کنسرت زنده نیاز دارید به علاوه ی مجموعه ای از صداهای بنیادی زیبا و جدید در اختیار شما قرار می دهد که می توانید به عنوان منابعی مفید از آن ها استفاده کنید،این نرم افزار افکت های مفیدی مانند synths, a sampler, electric و acoustic drums, mallets و … را به علاوه ی تعداد زیادی از آلات موسیقی مانند Collision و Latin Percussion برای شما فراهم کرده است که می توانند در زمینه آهنگسازی و تنظیم آهنگ کمک به سزایی برای شما باشند .

Improvements and feature changes:
– Added support for the Arturia MiniLab MkII control surface. In order for the script to function correctly, it is recommended to update the Minilab MkII Firmware to the latest version available.

– If a dropdown or context menu was open in Live, pressing CMD+Shift+- on a Mac OS would cause Live to crash.
– The GUI would appear laggy when zooming in audio tracks and moving the zooming hotspot on Windows if the files were being streamed from a hard drive.
– Fixed a bug that caused Live to crash when opening a context menu in a device chain containing no instruments.
– Fixed a bug which prevented changing the text color in Drum Rack return chains to white when the chain’s color was dark.
– Fixed a graphical glitch that occurred when hovering over automation segments drawn on top of a waveform. The glitch was visible in Detail View (in both the Arrangement and Session View), and would only appear in automation segments not covering the full track height.
Disabled audio and MIDI meters were not correctly shown as grayed out in the routing choosers.
– When Live’s authorization was not successful, the dialog box could erroneously confirm it as successful.
– Fixed a bug which prevented auto updates from working on Windows 10.

Changes for Push:
– Fixed a bug that caused Live to crash when moving tracks while Push 2 was connected, under certain circumstances.
– When selecting a track containing a Simpler which was playing back a sample, the playhead would sometimes not be displayed.
– Live would crash if a Drum Rack clip in the last scene was duplicated from Push.
– Live would crash when importing a greater number of MIDI files to the Arrangement than the amount of available MIDI tracks, if Push 2 was connected.
– When routing via Push 2, the display process might allocate an unusual amount of memory.


  • حجم فایل : 797 مگابایت
  • سیستم عامل : ویندوز
  • منبع: ترانه ساز
  • پسورد: (با حروف کوچک تایپ شود)

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